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Dear customers,
In the context of the new European privacy legislation, we must also inform you about how we deal with information that relates to you.
You have provided us with your email address and address details and receive weekly newsletters and several times a year info about the Crazy Weekends sales.
Moreover, you are in our address file due to obligations in case of delivery and invoicing of purchase of products from our store.
We only have your name, address, telephone number and email address in our administration.
These are personal details of you that we treat with care and where we observe the guidelines of the new AVG law.
We do our best to ensure your privacy.
This means, among other things, that we: handle the personal details carefully and ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to these data.
We will never provide this information to third parties.
We use your name and email address exclusively for the occasional sending of relevant and / or up-to-date information that is required by law and / or information regarding activities.
We assume that you have confidence in our policy and you do not have to respond to this message.
With best regards,
Store owners of Digi Graphic Designs.

If you have questions you can contact us HERE ,
and we will try to response as soon as possible but please keep 24 hours in mind.

If you become a customer of this store,
you agree to the weekly news letter and the monthly Crazy Weekend e-mail.
If you do not wish to receive this,
you can unsubscribe  the newsletter in your account and the e-mail in your e-mail message.
Don't send a message to the store owner,
she can not do this for you.
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